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Today, we are officially Westfall Aviation, LLC, reflecting the fact that we are a FAMILY operated small business. Our goal with Westfall Aviation is to specialize in the unique niches of the antique, vintage, classic, and warbird aircraft communities. Together with my wife Sarah, our children, and the crew, we are happy to be growing together while providing quality maintenance and outstanding aircraft restorations for our customers.

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His aviation journey started when he was a child where he was inspired by the long line of military veterans that make up his family. His Grandfather was a WWII pilot and told stories from his service that are cherished to this day and Tom strives to pass along.

Earning his private pilot certificate shortly after turning 16, he went on to the military after High School, and officially started his aviation career. After completing his enlistment, he gained an A&P
certificate in 1991 and added additional ratings to his pilot’s license. After earning Inspection Authorization in 1994, Tom worked for several
diverse types of aviation maintenance facilities doing a wide variety of aircraft work.

Tom has performed maintenance on aircraft ranging from Piper Cub to Grumman TBM Avenger. His wide range of experience includes working in the pits at the RENO Air Races on T-6's and at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach. One of the highlights of Tom’s career happened when he helped a WWII combat Stinson L-5 win the Neil A. Armstrong Aviation Heritage Trophy.  This trophy, inscribed with Tom’s name, is permanently displayed in the Smithsonian Museum.

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