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Since the inception, in 2000, of what has become Westfall Aviation we are lucky to have played a part in so many beautiful vintage aircraft. Working with our customers and their aircraft remains as fulfilling today as the day we opened our doors. We are honored to work with these historic aircraft and be a part of telling the stories associated with each project.  Here are just a few examples.


Beechcraft staggerwing

1939 D17S                            Serial No. 263                             Completed in 2021

Awards: EAA Airventure Grand Champion (Antique) 2022,

and AAA/APM Fly-in Classic Grand Champion 2022



1946 11AC                                                      Completed in 2014

Awards: Outstanding Aeronca Chief at EAA AirVenture 2014

Cessna C-170

1950 C-170                                                                           Completed in 2010

Customized and converted to 180hp. Witnessed Tom's first solo in 1986!

Pitts s1

Pitts S1S                                                              Completed in 2017

Awards: EAA AirVenture Paul Poberezny Founders Award 2017


J3 CUb